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Angus Home Inspection - Proud of our reputation in Ontario! We will go the extra mile to maintain that reputation.

"I commit to inspect each and every home with integrity and competence, like my own family is 
going to be living there. I will be available to suit my client's needs - before, during and after the home inspection.
" Martin J. Angus

Why Choose Angus Home Inspection

Lets get right to the reason for you being here. You already know that a home inspection is critically important. I will assume you do not need to hear about all the benefits that a home inspection provides.

1. Knowledge

A sound knowledge and experience base to discover current and potential future issues within a new or pre-owned home. A genuine interest in this business keeps me current on significant building code and construction topics. 
Ongoing continued education always.

2. Method
I use the same methodical approach that has worked for me many times. I listen to my client to understand any special needs or concerns. I then start outside and evaluate grade, water management, building envelope, foundation, walls, roof etc. The condition of these items tells me what to pay special attention to when I get inside. Next, the basement, electrical, heating, plumbing etc, then working my way upwards to each room and ending at the attic space.

FREE Thermal Imaging (FLIR) Included in Every Inspection.

3. Professional Communication
Personable and effective verbal and written communication of the findings. This means differentiating serious issues from the common maintenance items - putting issues in perspective and not walking away until your every inquiry is addressed to your satisfaction. Your participation is welcomed. You may "tag-along" or wait for me to present the findings to you at the end. No waiting, onsite reporting with photos.

Download Sample Home Inspection Report

sample home inspection report

Martin, I am glad you decided to add this "testimonials" page to your website. I have wanted to convey my complete satisfaction for the inspection you did on my townhouse last July. Thank you for spending
the extra time to explain in simple English what you found. I bought the home very much more aware of what I was likely to encounter. Again, my thanks.
- Brenda Henry

Just a quick note to say thanks for a job well done. We appreciate the
last minute response time and your report was very helpful in our negotiations. We will certainly be recommending your service to our friends and family. Best regards.
- Jeff and Sandy Swanson

Thanks a lot, Martin. The problems you found on that house helped me
a lot to negotiate the price with the seller. Also thank you for all your suggestions about house maintenance.
- Jim Li

I have used him for 2 inspections and would highly recommend again.
He went through his detailed report answering all my questions. Because of his inspection he ended up saving me a few thousand dollars on my offer. I would definately use him again.
- N. Bakti

4. Personal Commitment to Quality

I love being a home inspector and running my business my way. I get great satisfaction in providing a service that supports my client’s safety, health and financial objectives. Nothing is more satisfying to me than a referral from a previous client to a friend or family member. The privilege of achieving your confidence is never taken lightly.

Integrity and loyalty can be challenging in this business - but you have my word that, as my client, YOUR best interests are always my first consideration - not the seller’s or the realtor’s. Angus Home Inspection is always available, even months after the inspection, for your inquiries.

We will go the extra mile to maintain our reputation. Thank you for your interest in our home inspection service in Ontario. Please call us directly. We appreciate your patronage.

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